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About Us

Black, Indigenous, People of Color Mental Health Collective

The Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) Mental Health Collective was born out of a petition initiative for BIPOC therapeutic representation at Boston University. Currently, BIPOCMHC serves as a safe, communal space for racial minority students to share mental health resources and experiences.

To get in touch, email or DM us on Instagram @bipocmhc.

Meet Our Team!

Founder and Co-Lead

Kesha, she/her

I regularly attend therapy, talk with my friends and family, and read romance novels! I also love baking cookies from scratch to work through my emotions.


Angelee, she/her

I really enjoy working out and making coffee first thing in the morning—I find that always starts my day off with the right energy. Every night to wind down I try to make time for journal writing to center my thoughts.

Amanda, she/her

I think the best thing is just listening to what your body/mind want. It’s important to prioritize making time for just doing what you wanna do!

Graphic Designer

Eshita, she/her

My favorite self care practices are activities that make me get lost in the moment like scrapbooking, or therapy so I can reflect on how I’m doing!

Event Coordinator

Moriah, she/her

I find it important to disconnect from what I feel obligated to do and invest time in what I enjoy like reading short stories, poems, watching films. Mostly consuming art that makes me think more deeply and gets my mind off of day to day stresses and also writing affirmations to approach my day with more confidence.

Savannah, she/her

My favorite self care practices are journaling and painting. I find that both help ease my anxiety in different ways.

Angel, she/her

Taking naps is usually my go-to. I also love doing face masks and watching movies with my friends.

Gabbi, she/her

I love therapy, doing yoga, watching the sunset, listening to podcasts, and journaling.

Social Media Manager

Nia, she/her

My favorite self care practice is immersing myself in nature.

Sam, he/him

I try to work out when I can because it really pumps me up for the rest of the day.

Brenda, she/her

I go ham on skin care and love using natural products to make my skin GLOW. I also love listening to Afrobeats while working out.

Hessann, he/him

I’m a big fan of watching TV shows and movies, and then listening to podcasts about those same TV shows and movies.

Blog Content Creator

Purafé, she/her

I really like doing my nails and unwinding with a good binge-y show.

Sam, they/them

I like to watch a bunch of movies/tv shows and cooking anything.

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