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Reflections on Learning from Home

The BIPOCMHC reached out to its members to ask about how their experiences learning from home have affected their mental health. This post features writing from Collective members Sam Docteur (CAS’21) and Kesha Perkins (CAS’21)  The fact that we are living through an unprecedented disruption to our normal lives is widely known and deeply felt.

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In the spirit of celebrating love in its many forms, the BIPOCMHC asked its collective members what they loved about themselves, these were their responses;  “I love my smile”  Sam Docteur, CAS ‘21 “One thing I like is how reliable I can be”  Sam Kamarra, CAS ‘21 “One thing I love about myself is that…

Black Joy and Mental Health

The representation of the Black experience is overwhelmingly negative, focusing on historic and day to day struggles often inherent in being Black (think movies about slavery, Tyler Perry films, etc.). While it is important to highlight the poignancy of the Black existence, it is just as important to highlight the inherent beauty and levity that…

Holidays and Grief

Note to reader: The BIPOCMHC is not attempting to treat or diagnose any specific mental illness. This post is for informational purposes only. This post features writing from BIPOCMHC members Amanda Geist (CAS ‘22) and Moriah Mikhail (CAS ‘22). Grief is a complex emotion to process. Healing is non-linear and the grieving process often encompasses…

Dia de los Muertos for Afro-Mexicans

Growing up in California, I had the distinct pleasure of being exposed to Mexican culture early and frequently. One persistent hallmark of that exposure was celebrating Dia de los Muertos or day of the dead. Every year, I was taught that in this culture, death was not a source of fear or  permanent end, rather…


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