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This week on BIPOC MHC Resources:


Feeling unmotivated can be challenging. It can be hard to finish tasks and goals when you are already stressed or overwhelmed. Sometimes relentless positivity can’t always motivate you. That is why this Headspace article has some helpful insights on what motivation actually means, beyond just being positive. It also gives gentle reminders to not be too hard on yourself and a meditation to help you focus. If you like more from Headspace, download the app here. It is free for BU students!

Check out the article here.

Forest App

Looking for an fun app that helps you stay motivated and focused. Look no further than Forest: Stay Focused app. It is a timer focused app that allows you to plant trees when accomplishing tasks or goals. It also has different focus modes and personalizable features. Get distracted or switch to another app? Your trees die and no one wants that!  The app is free as a chrome extension and on Android devices and costs $2 for iPhone users.

Check out the app here if you are interested!

Community Resources

Anxiety Canada Article

Future anxiety is real thing affects all of us, especially college students. Whenever you’re a senior that is worried about life after graduation or a student that is worried about finals week, this multipurpose guide can help you face confront your anxiety. By following instructions in the article, you can understand what behaviors cause you anxiety and how to practice being ok with future uncertainties in your life. Remember to start small!

Check out the guide here: Anxiety Canada

Affirmation Pod

The way you talk to yourself is important when it comes to anxiety. Positive affirmations are known to be helpful for anxiety and Affirmation Pod is one of the best positive affirmations podcasts out there. It is a personal favorite of mine and it is lead by a POC. The podcast has an array of topics relating to anxiety, stress, sleep, and many more. Some episodes specifically for future anxiety are ” Hope in the Future” and “Believing in Your Future”.

Check out the links for the specific episodes:

Hope in the Future

Believing in Your Future

Check out link for the general website: Affirmation Pod

HelpGuide Article

Social media may be a place to connect with loved ones, but it can be a source of anxiety and stress with excessive use. Social media is hard to get away from but this informational article from HelpGuide gives signs of how social media can impact your mental health negatively and some of the causes for that unhealthy use. The article also gives helpful tips on how to create a healthy and productive relationship with social media.

Check out article in the link: HelpGuide

Flipd App

Need an app that actually blocks other apps on your phone. Look no further to Flipd: an app that allows you disable phone apps for a certain time. However, there is no way in changing it once it is set and the apps are blocked until the time is up. You can take a break from social media if things are too stressful or use this a great productivity tool!

Check out the link to learn more about the app:  Flipd

HelpGuide Article

We all worry about money from time to time. However, it can be difficult to deal with constant financial troubles and worries. This article from HelpGuide gives helpful tips on how you can deal with financial stress and take care of your mental health during a financial crisis. It offers different ways to cope with stress but also tips on how to take control of your finances.

Check out article in the link: HelpGuide

Mint App

Do you want a helpful personal finance app? Look no further with Mint. Mint has a budget, bill payment tracker, investment accounts, and many more all in one app. You can also connect your other bank accounts to make life easier.

Check out the link to learn more about the app: Mint

The Brown Ambition Podcast

Brown Ambition Podcast is a personal finance podcast run by two BIPOC leads who answer financial questions from listeners. From topics like how to ask for raise to how to get good with money,  the podcast has helpful advice on whatever your financial needs may be. The podcast also intersperses other topics such as current events and social commentary so you won’t get bored with all the financial talk. 

Check out them here: Brown Ambition Podcast

Very Well Mind

Many college students have been feeling lonely, especially during the pandemic. Loneliness is a real and hard thing to deal with, and can’t easily be fixed. However, this article from VeryWell mind gives helpful tips on how to cope with loneliness. The tips include practicing self care, joining clubs, or going on a date with yourself. Check out the link for more tips!

VeryWell mind

The Cut Advice Article

Making new friends can be hard, especially as an adult. Adulthood comes with new responsibilities and unfamiliar places. However, this article from The Cut explains how the process of making friends doesn’t have to be that daunting. This article includes tips on how to make friends but also assures readers that it’s ok to not have this friendship thing figured out yet. Check out this helpful article in the link. 

Check out The Cut

The Friendship Expert Tik Tok

The Friendship Expert is a certified friendship coach on everyone’s favorite app, Tik Tok. I see her on my FYP sometimes and her videos have been really helpful.  Although she mostly focuses on female- centered friendships, her videos address a range of topics that can be useful for anyone. Check her out!

Check out her Tik Tok

NPR’s Life Kit Podcast

You might be struggling with imposter syndrome, especially as a minority college student. NPR LifeKit Podcast offers you some tools to mitigate stress and channel your strengths into battling imposter syndrome. According to the podcast, the first step to overcoming imposter syndrome is claiming it. So, if you already know you struggle with imposter syndrome, you are halfway there! 
Check out the podcast at: NPR Life Kit


Think Up App

Think Up is a great place to discover your appreciation for daily affirmations. The app has several different features, from daily affirmation bubbles to resource blogs. The app is available for both iphone and android interfaces.

Check out the app for more information.


What better way to combat imposter syndrome than to know who you are! Don’t think you are measuring up to your position? Use Evernote to jot down all of your accomplishments as they come so that you can remind yourself of all you’ve done.

Check out the link for more info.

Forbes: Measure Company Culture

Starting a new job is tough. Managing your mental health while trying to be professional can be even harder. Vetting the companies you work for and examining how they approach mental health is a good step to finding the right company for you. Corporate America is bent on proving that they have great company culture – thanks to Google. But, Forbes gives you a few ways to examine if a company’s culture will be the right fit for you. Goodluck on your job search!

Learn more here: Link

Sleep Podcasts

Do you find it hard to sleep at night but every time you watch a show you seem to doze off? Maybe listening to self timed sleep podcasts or meditation sounds can help occupy your mind and help you sleep easier. Casper has a great selection of podcasts for you to check out.


Sleep Hygiene

Not only is sleep hygiene important for your body, but it also amplifies your productivity which can help reduce stress, according to the sleep foundation. This organization has made it their mission to tackle the insomnia/ bad sleep habits we may have.

They offer a load of tips and tricks, on the link below, aimed at helping readers understand their issues with sleep and tackle them head on. Take a look at the sleep foundation’s tips and maybe this can help relieve some mid-school year stress.

Wellness Challenge: Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Earlier this semester, BU offered a wellness challenge that aimed to combat some major academic stressors in our community. It is only fair that we revisit one of the most important challenges- Week 4: Tools for sleeping better. The email included several tactics to improve sleep, but one of my favorites is practicing muscle relaxation, so I linked it below for your reference!

Google Calendar

Google Calendar became my safe haven this year. With work, school, and extra-curriculars, jotting down notes just wasn’t enough. Google Calendar helps me organize my day with their color coding and key notes feature. Being able to leverage your calendar resources will help in the process of setting up your schedule and not overextending yourself. Check out google calendar and its many features here

Thrive Global

Thrive Global is a leading mental health resource that focuses on teaching companies across the US about the intersection of mental resilience, health, and productivity. They produced this 15 tip resource on dealing with student burnout. Some tips I’d like to point out include asking for help and getting enough sleep. As the article explained there are so many resources out there, you just need to know when to speak up. Learning to ask for help can help alleviate so much added stress.

Check out the website here.

Hey, girl. podcast

Hey, girl. podcast is a podcast for phenomenal women led by author and storyteller, Alex Elle. The podcast carries a wide range of topics from emotional healing to believing in yourself. Join the girl group and listen to these short-ish podcasts to unplug and recharge. 
To learn more, check out the Hey, girl. Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc. and check out their instagram at


The stock market might be a scam but there is truth in the money. Invest in yourself and use Ellavest to start your investing career with just $1. Unlike Robinhood, Ellavest helps you plan your future and manage your money. Financial health wellness is important, make sure you are taking care of every aspect of your life. 

Visit for more information.

GoSafr Rideshare

Ridesharing can be scary, but it shouldn’t be. Gosafr is a ridesharing app for women, by women: “transforming neighborhoods into sisterhoods”. This app replaces the Ubers and Lyfts of the world, giving women a space to feel safe with other women drivers.

Learn more at:

Ted Talks

Boundaries are important in any relationship you have, whether it is a friendship, romantic relationship, or professional relationship. Sarri Gilman’s Ted Talk is well known for its impact. Ted talk’s have always been a great source of information. Take some time this month to learn something new on Ted Talk!

Calm App

Companies around the world have caught on to the magic of Calm. As we can see in the photo above, their mission is to make the world a happier and healthier place. This tips log gives you 9 actionable steps to setting healthy boundaries and promoting your personal space in an increasingly demanding world. 

Check out more about Calm and their tips list here:

Take Yourself on Date

So, it is Valentine’s day. Whether you have a valentine, or you are riding solo this year, it is important to take care of yourself first! Build that self love and date yourself. One of the best ways to learn about what you want and what you like is to take yourself on a date. I used to do this every week, but that got a little expensive so I actively take myself on a date once a month. The blog Fred and Far wrote a beautiful piece on self dating, and the benefits of making time for yourself. Take some time this holiday season and check in with yourself. And what better way to do that then to go for ice cream or go on a really long walk!

Check out Fred and Far’s article for more self date ideas: Link


Invest in a Gratitude Journal

Now that you’ve taken yourself on a date, you can properly honor that time by jotting down some things you are grateful for. Positive Psychology makes a great case for why simply being grateful is a wonderful force in our lives. Take a page out of their book this week and write down some things you’re grateful for. 

Find writing prompts here:

Skill Share

With self love comes self improvement, right? Challenge yourself this February to start learning that new skill that you’ve been talking about for the past year. And if you don’t have anything you’ve really wanted to learn, I challenge you to pick a skill and learn about it for the following month. And what better way to do that then through Skill Share, where other people can teach you a skill they are super passionate about. 

Learn more here:Link

Shan Boodram

Shan Boodram is a certified sex specialist that focuses a lot of her content on healthy love and relationships. Sex may be a big part of your relationship, or it may not. Either way Shan gives great information on the science behind sex and the importance of being safe. 

Check out her content for more tips and tricks 😉 Link:


Love is Respect

Happy Valentine’s day! Relationships can be tough, but they shouldn’t negatively impact your life. “Love is Respect” is an online platforms for all things healthy relationships. Like the image says – not all relationships are healthy. You deserve one that is. Check out the link below for more information on Love is Respect. 

Her Campus

On the same note, college relationships are different and have their own struggles. Here Her Campus gives a few tips on managing college relationships, especially during the ~love~ season. Check them out to find out more information. 


Ethel’s Club

The Ethel’s Club is a safe space group designed specifically for all black people. As a social group designed to bring people together for a collective healing process, Ethel’s Club offers a variety of perks including group healing and workout sessions. Although Ethel’s Club does have a cost associated with funding the group – $16.99, you do have the ability to sponsor, or be sponsored by the “sponsor a membership” program. Learn more here:

The Loveland Foundation

The Loveland Foundation is a nonprofit community organization that targets Black women and girls. Focused on community healing, and therapy, the Loveland Foundation supports women and girls through fellowships, residency programs, listening tours, and more as a form of empowerment. There are several ways to get involved with the Loveland Foundation, including  donating or partnering with the organization. You can also become a recipient of the Loveland Foundation’s support by applying for support through their website and instagram. To learn more, check them out here:

Productivity and Mindfulness

Whether it is rushing to finish an assignment on time, or juggling several extracurriculars on top of a job, we all have a lot to do. Understanding what productivity looks like to you and being able to hold yourself accountable might benefit the way you practice wellness. Check out this article to make “productivity” work for you. 


Obsessively Productive?

Now, being able to recognize when you are being over-productive, is essential. Your wellbeing should not be linked to “how much you’ve accomplished for the day” if that mentality isn’t a positive driver for you. But I get it, we measure ourselves up to our accomplishments all the time. Check out this article for more information on why obsessing over productivity should be a thing of the past.

Spoken Grief 

The holidays bring up a special form of grief and sometimes all you want to do is find someone who understands you. The Spoken Grief instagram takes a new approach on spoken word poetry. Sourcing stories of grief and love for their posts. Take a look @spokengrief on instagram and find someone who truly sees you, even if you might not know them! 


Alica Forneret

Here are some in depth tips on how to survive holiday grief. Whether this is your first or 50th year grieving a loved one, learning how to cope with your increased stress levels and emotions is always beneficial. Learn more at and

Say No!

Sometimes you just have to say no. And that shouldn’t change this holiday season. Check out this Popsugar article by Tamara Pridgett for tips and reasons why saying no might be the best thing for your mental health. Put your oxygen mask on first and make sure to take care of your needs this holiday season. And if that means locking yourself in your room and thinking about all the beautiful things you did with your lost loved one, then so be it! 


South Asian Sexual & Mental Health Alliance

SASMHA, South Asian Sexual & Mental Health Alliance, is an organization centered around promoting sexual and mental health and wellbeing within the south asian community. The alliance provides several outlets for connecting, including podcasts, resources, blogs, and my favorite – workshops. Some of their workshops include: The Bengali Birds n’ the Bees; Love, Sex, and Bollywood; and The Masks we Wear: Mental Health in the Bengali Community. The alliance provides resources for various different topics, including, mental health, sexual health, reproductive health. They even have a section specific to identity and third culture, which helps people navigate conflicts within both their western and south asian cultures.

Check out their instagram: @southasiansmh and their website at

South Asian

Looking for a therapist that will know about and understand your culture? Check out South Asian, a space that provides extensive information on therapists near you who identify as South Asian. The organization’s goal is to provide and facilitate a relationship between you and your therapist that results in a “perfect fit”. The website is easy to use and allows you to know a little more about the therapist’s qualifications and experience before initiating a connection.

Check out the website at

Saheli Boston

Saheli is a woman specific resource that provides a space that empowers South Asian women and allows them to confide in the community. Some services they provide include – domestic violence services, economic empowerment and legal advocacy. They also host several events that are aimed at creating a community of mutual empowerment. To learn more, visit their website at

Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Yet another holiday that will be transformed as a result of COVID-19. But don’t worry, there are so many things you can do to remain in the holiday spirit! Try a pumpkin carving contest with a few of your friends – socially distanced or via facetime, whatever your comfort/ accessibility level is. The link below provides many different ideas for your pumpkin carving soiree. Make sure you stock up on your favorite candies *or wait until Nov.1 so you can get all the candy on 50% off. Make sure you take a picture of your pumpkin this halloween season and tag @bipocmhc on instagram!

Project LETS

Feeling a little disconnected this Halloween season? That is completely normal, and Project LETS is here to connect you with peer support all over the nation. Project LETS specializes in building “just, responsive, and transformative peer support collectives and community mental health structures”. The site has several programs that you can become involved in, like a Peer Crisis Line, a Trauma Healing Fund, and Community Education & Speaking.

Check them out at 

Headspace – BU Sponsored

As part of their wellbeing project, BU rolled out a FREE membership to Headspace for Boston University students. Headspace is a perfect place for you to mitigate your stress and feed your overall wellbeing this Halloween season. 

Some of my favorite articles on headspace right now are: 

  • The Wake Up: Flower Power 
  • Headspace Move: Stress Release work out 

Steps to register: 

  1. Students register via a BU website with their username and kerberos password.
  2. After confirming your affiliation with BU, Headspace will prompt you to create an account/ log in via a web browser. 
  3. After downloading the app onto your phone, you can then have access to the premium version of Headspace, thank you BU! 

Register here:

Asians Do Therapy

Asians Do Therapy is a collective created by Yin, a licensed family and marriage therapist. The website aims to reduce the stigma of and increase accessibility to therapy among the asian community. The website also gives access to a range of asian specific resources. To start your journey with therapy, check out their website at 

Mann Mukti

MannMukti is a website focused on the mental health of south asian people. According to the website, “Mental health is taboo in the South Asian community. We just don’t talk about it. The community perceives those with mental health issues to be “weak” or “crazy”, mental health is viewed as a personal defect, and real issues that deserve attention are buried under the rug due to stigma.” MannMukti facilitates various community outlets by creating different spaces through podcasts, stories, and feature stories. They also have university chapters, should you want to form one at your school!


We All Grow Latina

I know @weallgrowlatina from their all-encompassing Instagram. Their instagram is the perfect place to get regular updates on all-things latina; including mental health resources. They delve into the lives of various latinas world wide, making sure not to neglect the presence of afrolatinas and indigineous latinas alike. The website is a go to place for finding a community where you belong and growth in harmony. 

Check out their Instagram @weallgrowlatina, and their website

Therapy for LatinX

Finding a therapist is hard, but finding a therapist that understands you can be an even harder task. Therapy for Latinx is the perfect place to find and be matched with a therapist (that looks like you) nearby. With Telehealth becoming increasingly available, location becomes less of a factor, making it better for you to find the perfect match. Check out Therapy for LatinX today to discover a world where you are not alone and a professional can help you understand and move forward. 

Therapy for LatinX //

We R Native .org

We R Native dives into the lives of Indian youth by displaying stories of courage and change throughout their platform. The platform is a space for all native young adults to come together and express their feelings to find common ground.The platform also provides outlets for connecting with your life, culture, and relationships through your body, mind and traditions. This is a one stop shop for getting advice and “life hacks” tailored to the native american experience. 

Check them out at:

The Center For Native American Youth

According to their website, the Center for Native American Youth believes “all Native American youth should lead full and healthy lives, have equal access to opportunity, and draw strength from their culture and one another.” They aim to improve the health, safety, and overall well-being of Native American youth. The website connects you with different outlets and resources to leadership and inspiration, and advocacy/policy change while serving as a national resource location. 

Check out them out at:


Gloria Li and her fiance, Ruidi Lu compiled a list of resources to help guide people through the stress that COVID-19 has created. The document talks about everything from staying physically healthy, to creating financial health in the time uncertainty. This well-thought out document even has clear steps outlined for filing unemployment and finding resources for undocumented immigrants. The duo has, since the creation of this document, started a company called “posiCOVIDity”, which aims to “empower people to stay positive during COVID-19 and build a better future together beyond the pandemic”. 

Check out the resource list at:

And their website at:

The Steve Fund

According to its website, The Steve Fund is the nation’s “only organization focused on supporting the mental health and wellbeing of young people of color”. The fund has direct contact with various college campuses around the states to provide equity in mental health on campus through seminars, events, and private consultations. They also provide students with separate resources including, scholarships, workshops, webinars, and white papers. I’ve attached an infographic about their work below, check it out to learn more about the fund and its goals.

The BIPOC Project

The BIPOC Project is a collective founded by two queer, women of color – Merle and Fiona –  to tackle the three “pillars of racism”, native invisibility, anti-blackness, and white supremacy through active engagement in their communities. The Project offers various sets of workshops throughout the year that focus on intersectionality and the dismantling of racist structures. They also help build strong leaders that have the power to uplift their communities and use their identities to their advantage. To learn more about The BIPOC Project check out the link at:


According to its website, InnoPsych’s mission “is to bring healing to communities of color by changing the face and feel of therapy”. Dr. Jackman created this platform after experiencing the challenges associated with finding an adequate therapist as a black woman in this space. The company is highly reflective, as part of its mission follows the Ghanian folklore of Sankofa, which emphasizes looking back in order to move forward with strength. Innopsych is equipt with a wealth of resources, from therapist matching to mindfulness exercises, and finally, my favorite, the sweet spot card deck. The Sweet Spot card deck is a game with wellness prompts on each card, that allows you to dive deeper into how you are truly feeling. Questions include: “How does your living space impact your mood? What changes can you make to your space to improve your mood?” This card deck can help you practice mindfulness strategies, but it can also be used as a bonding moment with your friends as you *socially distance* and play card games via Zoom. 
Check out InnoPsych’s website here:

The Curly Therapist

The Curly Therapist takes a new approach to what it means to share information and create a brand. Sana I Powell is an “Indian- American psychotherapist who writes about diverse mental health issues, self-exploration, and behavioral medicine”. The site tackles the explanation of mental health illnesses from a scientific perspective while also personifying the importance of mental health awareness. This website is split up into different parts: an Educational series, Sana’s Journal, her podcast + youtube videos, and finally therapist tips. This is by far one of my favorite resources to learn about what is happening in my brain, but also to gain insight on strengthening my mental health. Check out The Curly Therapist for blog-style resources on mental health.

The Open Path Collective

The open path collective aims to make mental health care affordable and accessible to all. It focuses on the wellbeing of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color through partnering with clinicians around the country to provide exemplary support for patients at a cost that is affordable to them. You can access the Open Path Collective database to find a therapist that meets your needs, both emotionally and financially. The Collective also hosts wellness classes to accommodate all kinds of therapy. The collective was founded in 2012 and has, since then, matched 35,000 clients with therapists and enrolled 36,000 students into various online classes. Learn more at

The Unplug Collective

Amanda Taylor, a student in NYC, started the Unplug Collective as a safe space for BIPOC women and gender-fluid people to come together and share stories. The collective operates as a blog that highlights individual stories in efforts to promote a “digital healing circle”. According to their website, they stand for “radical self-acceptance and body image healing”. Each story takes you on a journey through the author’s personal stories. Stories range from a declaration of love for their hair to being proud of their bronchitis. I think the best part of the collective is that you and I can share our stories through the “submission” tab (which also allows you to submit anonymously) and join the community in a more intimate fashion. Here is a sneak peek at their Instagram!

Election Week Resources

Here goes a link dump. With election day creeping up, the stress to remain engaged, informed, and sane is unbearably high. The following links will take you to, mainly BU sponsored, resources for coping with and successfully tackling election day. Remember to be kind to yourself, and remove all unnecessary stressors to mitigate sensory overload. Check out our instagram @BIPOCMHC for quick tips and activities that may help relieve some stress. 

HTC Hosted: Election Wellbeing Events 

The Howard Thurman Center at Boston University is hosting a series of events this election year to facilitate conversation and create a safe space for all students. The events are capped at 15 people which makes it a perfect place to “be silent, vent, (or) express your thoughts”. Head over to the link down below right now to secure your spot in these much needed conversation pods. 

Post-Election Reflections

Should you want a space to be more active and have more exposure, or you just want to listen in to the conversation, join the Howard Thurman Center next tuesday, November 10th for a post-election reflection session. This event will be facilitated by a series of high ranking professors at BU and will be a perfect place to offer perspective on the outcomes of the pending election.

BU Today: 

BU Today journalist, Jacob Wittenberg, offers a series of tips for coping with election stress in the article linked below. My personal favorite is tip nine, which emphasizes the importance of creating a voting plan. Our instagram (@BIPOCMHC) can help aid you in building a voting plan for this election week (maybe month). 

Coping with Election Stress 

Nine Tips for Coping With Election Stress

Post Election Healing 

This election will undoubtedly take a toll on us all. If you are looking for a space to process your emotions and heal, check out Action at BU’s post election event with La Femme Papi, as she guides a conversation for healing through encouraging you to reflect and express yourself.


Terriers Thrive Together

The terriers thrive together initiative is here to help you whenever you need to tap in or if you just want build your tool kit repertoire.


Hangouts –

ERC on Holistic Approches to Emotional Wellbeing –

Community Conversations

Community Conversations will be hosting their second virtual meeting of the semester – titled Navigating Isolation & Depression in Stressful Times: Strategies for Connection and Coping October 10, 2020. Community Conversations is a women’s health initiative based out of Cambridge, MA aimed at empowering women of color and equipping them with the tools to succeed.

Phone Apps

Twitches – Disney +

To supplement your pumpkin carving party, have Twitches playing in the background! I will not lie, when I was younger, I used to be very scared of Twitches. But now it just makes me happy watching Tia and Tamera take over Coventry as gods of the sun and the moon. Take a trip down memory lane and watch Twitches on Disney+ this weekend, I know I will be watching. And if you have time, take a look at Twitches too. And if you don’t know what Twitches is, I’ve included a brief synopsis below: 

“Two teen witches who were separated at birth and were adopted by two different families meet on their 21st birthday and must use their powers to save the world in which they were born, where their birth mother still lives.”

On My Block – Netflix

On My Block is one of my favorite series on netflix. Officially, the premise of the show examines “friends who are navigating their way through high school, including all of the triumph, pain and newness they experience along the way. Lifelong friendships are tested as Monse, Ruby, Jamal and Cesar confront the challenges of adolescence and life in their predominantly Hispanic and black neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles in this coming-of-age comedy series.” However, I see this show as a story of love and loss and the pressures of getting through it all. Follow Monse, Ruby, Jamal, and Cesar through this journey of life on Netflix! 

Ramy, Hulu Show

Ramy is a short fictional TV series that originally streams on Hulu. According to the description, Ramy follows “a first-generation American Muslim who is on a spiritual journey in his politically divided New Jersey neighborhood. It explores the challenges of what it is like being caught between an Egyptian community that thinks life is a moral test, and a generation that thinks life has no consequences.” There are currently 2 seasons available on Hulu. 

Check the series out on

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a free streaming platform that is operated by Viacom. We think that this is a perfect resource for passing time in the COVID era. With money becoming harder to obtain and save, Pluto TV gives people access to entertainment on demand, for free. Pluto TV is available on all streaming devices like Roku, Firestick, etc.

Make sure you check out the Pluto TV app and website: for more information about the kinds of shows that are streamed on Pluto TV.

Shine: Calm Anxiety & Stress

Shine: Calm Anxiety & Stress is a mindfulness and wellbeing app created by women of color as a way to promote “Shine for All of Us”. According to the website, “the Shine app is your support system for (mitigating) daily stress and anxiety”. Mariah Lidey and Naomi Hirabayashi created the Shine app in response to not finding supportive communities for the mental and emotional health of all people – especially people of color. The app works with companies around the US to integrate wellbeing and self-care activities within the practice. Check out their blog at for advice on wellbeing. The Shine app is available on various platforms, including the Apple App Store, and Google Play.

Insight Timer

The #1 free app for sleep, anxiety, and stress. Quick and easy self-guided meditation classes led by industry professionals, including Barbara Faison, Russel Brand, Elizabeth Gilbert, and the Dalai Lama. This app has both meditation and yoga classes for all levels (beginner to expert). There are live events you can follow, courses you can join, podcasts/ TED talks you can listen to, and music aimed to mitigate anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness. 

Boston University Resources

BU’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Boston University’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation empowers BU affiliates with psychiatric conditions to “live, learn, work, and socialize in communities of their choice”. As a Boston University student, this resource is a first step toward experiencing BU to its fullest capacity. There are several programs you can join within the center, including NITEO – a semester-long intensive program for young adults with mental health conditions that are on a leave from college. Check out this flyer for some upcoming events hosted by Boston University’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

BU HTC Community Events

Boston University’s Howard Thurman Center is the center for common ground at BU where students can come together to build community and learn from each other. They are hosting three community events this week – LatinX, LGBTQIA+, and Black student community reception. Check out their instagram at for the direct newsletter that will take you to each Zoom event!

LatinX Community Reception – September 8, 2020 @5:30pm

LGBTQIA+ Community Reception – September 9, 2020 @5:30pm

Black Community Reception – September 10, 2020 @5:30pm


LatinX Therapist Podcast

Alas, the therapy podcast. Latinx Therapy is more than just a podcast centered around therapy. It is a place for you to learn more about who you are and what you can be. The host, Adriana Alejandre, tackles different topics each week by interviewing co-hosts and gaining additional insights. This podcast is produced both in Spanish and in English, making it a perfect podcast for you to share with your non-English speaking friends. Learn and break the stigma with Latinx Therapy Podcast. Available on all podcast streaming platforms. 


All My Relations Podcast

The All My Relations Podcast is hosted by Matika Wilber and Adrienne Keene, two women of distinct native tribal descent. Both women have studied the cultural impact of the indigenous communities in the United States and decided to start a podcast for indigenous peoples by indigenous peoples. This holiday weekend, take some time to learn more about the triumphs and struggles of indigenous people via their podcast, All My Relations. The podcast aims to teach listeners about the history of colonization and the stories of survival from the perspective of indigenous peoples. Their most recent podcast: Indigenous Artist to Artist part discusses “the importance of indigenous people presenting, curating, and exhibiting themselves”. 
Listen at:

EdSurge: Studying While Financially Stressed During Covid-19

COVID-19 has undoubtedly made managing stress and anxiety much harder. This episode of the Edsurge podcast evaluates the life of Daniel Cueto, a graduate student with six-figures of debt, and how he is managing to sustain a healthy life with money stressors constantly looming. The episode is 22 minutes long and gives us college students a space to see ourselves reflected among the media. Check out this podcast to learn more about Daniel Cueto and learn some tips for mitigating your stress during these trying times.  Check out the podcast at




Boston University LGBTQ+ Support Group

BU has a support group dedicated specifically to members of the LGBTQ+ community. According to  BU QAC,  “this support group provides a safe space to explore and discuss the joys and challenges of being LGBTQ+. (The) confidential and affirming group is an opportunity to connect with each other and offer emotional support. Members will explore themes, such as relationships with family, friends, and partners, coming out, being out, identity, and ways to embrace all parts of your identity.” 

To join the support group, make sure to call 617-353-3569. 

The group is led by Liana Buccieri, LICSW, and the meetings are hosted every Monday at 4:00 EDT  via Zoom. 

The Trevor Project

BU’s Queer Activist Collective collaborated with us this week to present the Building Safer Spaces event hosted via Zoom this Tuesday, September 29th from 6pm to 7:30pm.

The event will dive into how to find and build safer spaces, especially during these unprecedented times.

Check out Q’s instagram at @bostonuq for more information on the collective. The resources compiled below reflect the conversations and themes of the collab.

BU’s All Gender Bathroom Map

Although not all bathrooms on BU’s campus are gender neutral, BU does provide a map of where you can find an all-gender bathroom. Use this resource to your advantage whenever you venture on to campus and need a safe space.

Map of All-Gender Bathroom locations at BU.

The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25. TrevorLifeline: crisis intervention and suicide prevention phone service available 24/7/365  Phone: 866-488-7386

TrevorText: confidential text messaging with a Trevor counselor, available 24/7/365 Text START to 678678

TrevorChat: confidential online instant messaging with a Trevor counselor, available 24/7

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Visit Q’s website for more resources and information at:

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